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Leather seats and authority; Vito's is inspired by the office of Don Corleone. Vito's is blended with figs and pinewood with a leathery undertone. This candle fills the air in the room with a confidence and authority of a Don that is sure to be a thing of beauty.


We used a soy and beewax blend that not only produces a clean burn but also produces negative ions when burned. These ions are known to neutralize pollutant in the air.

AA | Vito’s Bees & Soy Wax Candle

  • Wick : Wooden wick

    Scent Profile : Figs, Leather & Pinewood

    Wax Blend : 35% Bee wax ,65% Soy wax

    Burn hours : up to 45 hours

    Weight : 7oz/200ml

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