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Analogue crackle case solid colognes is a top on the line solid cologne which features our hard metal case. They are four times more sturdier than our regular tin case with a more concentrated scent. It is not only solid but sleek to carry around!


Capturing the scent of the deep woods, Phenomen features sandalwood & english oak with red berries . This scent is on a class of its own with complexity yet inviting tone. Refills are available.

AA | Phenomen Crackle Solid Cologne

Out of Stock
  • Phenomen- Sandalwood, Oak, Leather, Reb berries, Iris, Amber


    • Spill free
    • 4-5 hours per application
    • 3-4 months of daily usage
    • Pocket size tin for portability
    • Alcohol free formulation


    Main Accord : Sandalwood anchored with gentle hint of floral and berry notes.

    Category : Masculine

    Suitable for : If you love the scent of wood aroma that is smooth and complex.

    Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Virgin Almond Oil, and Fragrance Oil.

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