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Analogue oil based fragrances features a non sticky, non alcohol formulation which is light and easy for body absorption. Feel the difference today with only 2 drop for a 4-5 hours strength.


Colossus featuring a top note of premium blended citruses and spices with earthy notes of Amber and Musk. It has an extremely aromatic mid presence of nutmeg grounded with strong woody notes.


AA | Colossus Oil Based Fragrance

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  • Colossus - Neroli, Citrus, Peach, Nutmeg, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood


    • Spill free
    • 4-5 hours per application
    • 3-4 months of daily usage
    • Pocket size tin for portability
    • Alcohol free formulation


    Main Accord : Fresh Citrus high with a earthy bottom.

    Category : Masculine

    Suitable for : If you like modern fresh atmospheric scents found in luxury brands.

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